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Nikki Lee is fighting for

A More Sustainable Tucson

Making sure that our development is sustainable is a crucial part of building a city for the future. Energy and water efficiency not only protect our environment but also drive down utility costs, freeing up capital for other household, community, and business needs. Arizona, Tucson, and especially Ward 4 have amazing natural landscapes that deserve protection so future generations can enjoy them as we do. As climate change grows more severe, we need innovative ideas to aid in water conservation and the transition to more renewable energies. Nikki is committed to reaching Tucson’s climate change mitigation goals and keeping Tucson a vibrant, healthy city.

As your Council Member, Nikki will:

  • Advocate to make our parks more beautiful, accessible, and energy efficient

  • Improve our environmental quality by reducing noise, light, and air pollution

  • Encourage green infrastructure to benefit our health, environment, and economy

  • Implement innovative stormwater and wastewater management systems

  • Continue to expand the use of City property for capturing solar energy