Nikki Lee is fighting for

A Smarter Tucson

Attracting and building up businesses is only half the battle: we need to ensure our workforce is prepared for the future and well-equipped to work high-wage, high-quality jobs at all levels. As Tucson grows, we will need innovative approaches to continually adjust for an expanding population, aging infrastructure, and increased demands on City services. We can improve City services utilizing state of the art technology. As an IT professional, Nikki is prepared to lead our city in creating comprehensive long-term solutions. Nikki will embrace high-tech advancements to help us create a smarter, safer, and more efficient city.

As your Council Member, Nikki will prioritize:

  • Smart solutions to maintaining and repairing our roads and infrastructure

  • Modernizing our traffic patterns and public transportation

  • Accessibility and responsiveness of City services

  • Resources needed to train, support, and retain our first responders

  • Collaboration with other municipal regions and public-private partnerships